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Jack Clinton Eitniear

Jack Clinton Eitniear


I grew up along the shores of Grand Traverse Bay in NW Michigan. As part of an American Universities for International Education (AUIE) tropical studies program I visited Belize and Guatemala in 1979. The following year my wife and I moved to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas which faciliated numerous trips into Mexico and Belize to study their birdlife.
In 1987 I gathered a group of biologists and Peace Corp volunteers and established the Center for the Study of Tropical Birds, Inc. (CSTB Inc.) to aid in our ability to conduct research and conservation efforts in Latin America. During the early 1990's CSTB concentrated on raptors and psittacines with a number of educational posters being produced. At that time we also aided a number of zoos, research and film efforts as well as conducted community educational events and the first workshop on macaw (Ara) conservation. In addition to these efforts we have conducted a limited amount of original research focusing principally on hawk-eagles and vultures. From the late 1990's into the present we have concentrated on neotropical resident passerines, tropical quail and tropical species of waterfowl but intend to become more active with raptors in the near future.
I obtained my B.S. (Biology) at Western Michigan University under ecologist Richard Brewer and my M.S. (Wildlife Management/Botany) at Southwest Texas State University.

Center for the Study of Tropical Birds, Inc
218 Conway Drive  
San Antonio,  Texas  78209-1716  United States
Phone: 210-828-5306 Fax: 210-828-5306 ask for tone
Email: jce@cstbinc.org

   Research Interests

Ecological requirements of Neotropical raptors especially neotropical vultures.
See CSTB webpage (www.cstbinc.org) for non-raptor interests.

Species of Interest: 
  • Sarcoramphus papa
  • Cathartes burrovianus


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