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Knut Eisermann

Knut Eisermann


Knut Eisermann graduated as engineer in nature conservation and landscape management at University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde, Germany. Living in Guatemala since 1997, his research emphasis is conservation biology, bird distribution and ecology, and biological monitoring. He elaborated several local avian diversity inventories in northern Central America, and co-coordinated the identification of Important Bird Areas in Guatemala. Eisermann continuously compiles updates on bird distribution, and evaluates the conservation status of globally threatened birds in Guatemala. He published numerous journal articles, book chapters, and an annotated checklist of the birds of Guatemala.
He attended the University of Applied Sciences, Eberswalde, Germany, where he studied "Engineering of Landscape Management and Nature Conservation". He wrote his thesis on the avifauna of a cloud forest site in Guatemala. Since 1997, he has lived in Guatemala and carried out various ornithological studies in different areas of the country.
His primary interests are investigations of the natural history of selected species, and studies of bird communities and the implementation and performance of long-term bird monitoring programs.
With the PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program he established a continuous monitoring of bird abundace in Alta Verapaz. For this monitoring, local Maya Q'eqchi' farmers have learned in intensive curses to conduct scientific bird counts. See website at http://www.birdmonitoring.info
Knut leads tailor made small group birding tours in Guatemala with CAYAYA BIRDING: http://www.cayaya-birding.com and serves since 2003 as country coordinator for the compilation of noteworthy bird records for the Central America section in the journal "North American Birds".

PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program, Cobán, Alta Verapaz
Apartado Postal 098  
Guatemala Ciudad,    Guatemala
Phone: 00502 - 5906 6479 Fax: 00502 - 2433 0544
Email: knut.eisermann@proeval-raxmu.org

   Research Interests

Species distribution
Neotropical bird communities
Natural history

Species of Interest: 
  • Glaucidium cobanense
  • Aegolius ridgwayi
  • Megascops barbarus
  • Falco deiroleucus
  • Spizaetus tyrannus
  • Spizaetus ornatus
  • Spizastur melanoleucus
  • Buteogallus anthracinus
  • Harpyhaliaetus solitarius
  • Accipiter chionogaster


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