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Niels Peter Andreasen

Niels Peter Andreasen


Conservationist and teacher of ecology and wildlife protection 1964-2003.
Co-ordinator of the Peregrine population in Denmark.
Now a full-time wildlife artist.

Danish Ornithologists Foundation (DOF), Denmark
Ulvshalevej 333 A  
DK-4780 Stege,    Denmark
Phone: 0045 - 55 81 85 18
Email: npa.ulvshale@mail.tele.dk

   Research Interests

Birdlife research and protection.
Monitoring wetland areas, and raptor and woodpecker populations.
The Peregrine Falcon, its disappearance in 1972 and its return to the island of Moen and Denmark in 2001.
Birds of prey in general globally.

Species of Interest: 
  • Falco peregrinus
  • Peregrine Falcon


DOF (Dansk Ornitologisk Forening) Danish Ornithologists Foundation's annual publication from the Working Group for Rare and Endangered Breeding Species in Denmark (DATSY).

Falkevandring. Naturoptegnelser fra en falkevagt.Tekst og illustrationer: Niels Peter Andreasen. Høst og Søn, 1973. A description of the author's impressions and thoughts during a season protecting the last pair of peregrines in Denmark.

Møn - Vandrefalkens Ø. Tekst: Niels Peter Andreasen. Illustrationer: Danish Artists for Nature and Environment (DANE). Bøger og Papir Stege, 2005. A book based upon the art of Danish wildlife artists painting nature and wildlife on the island of Møn. A chapter tells the story of the peregrine and its return to the island.

Andreasen, N.P. 2008. Distribution and present status of the Peregrine Falcon in Denmark. Pp. 45-50 in J. Sielicki and T. Mizera (eds.), Peregrine Falcon populations -- status and perspectives in the 21st century. Turul Publishing and Poznañ University of Life Sciences Press, Warsaw, Poland.

Andreasen, N.P. 2008. [The return of the Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus as a breeding bird in Denmark]. Dansk Ornitologisk Forenings Tidsskrift 102:309-318. (In Danish with English summary)

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