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Karl Hamilton

Karl Hamilton


Independent researcher
17 Elsmere Park, Gilnahirk  
Belfast,  County Down  BT5 7QZ  Great Britain
Email: more_elia@yahoo.co.uk

   Research Interests

In 2001, I began a PhD research project at the Queens University of Belfast studying the feeding ecology of the Common Kestrel Falco t. tinnunculus in Northern Ireland; after several years due to job commitments I left this placement and have continued my work independently.

I focus on the following aspects of kestrel biology:

- the diet of kestrels and how this varies seasonally and according to habitat
- crepuscular activity of kestrels, mainly feeding activity
- the influence of prey spectrum and availability on breeding success
- the influence of prey availability and nest site availability on breeding density (incorporates the Northern Ireland Kestrel Box scheme)
- post-breeding movement of adult and juvenile kestrels
- associations with and interactions between kestrels and other animals, mainly piracy/mobbing/ territorial behaviour

Species of Interest: 
  • Common Kestrel
  • Northern Goshawk


No publication information is available from this site.

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