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Sophie Calmé

Sophie Calmé


Wildlife ecologist, with particular interest in birds. I've been working for 10 years in the Calakmul region in Southern Yucatan, Mexico, focusing mainly on species that depend on water for their survival.

Université de Sherbrooke
Département de biologie  
Sherbrooke,  Quebec  J1N 2R1  Canada
Phone: 819-821-7000 ext. 62087
Email: sophie.calme@usherbrooke.ca

   Research Interests

Adaptation to changing environments (both spatially and temporally)
Impact of barriers to dispersal
Habitat use of little-known species

Species of Interest: 
  • King Vulture
  • Ornate Hawk-eagle
  • Ocellated Turkey
  • White-lipped Peccary
  • Baird's Tapir


Charette, M.R., S. Calmé, and F. Pelletier. 2011. Observations of nocturnal feeding in Black Vultures (Coragyps atratus). Journal of Raptor Research 45:279-280.       pdf

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