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Sara Kross

Sara Kross


I am currently working on a PhD project to evaluate a conservation scheme that, since 2005, has been relocating New Zealand falcons into the largest wine growing region in the country. The scheme is meant to aid in the conservation of this near-threatened species by protecting juveniles and ground-nesting adults from invasive mammalian predators. A secondary goal of the scheme is to provide a source of natural pest management to combat the multi-million dollar losses vineyard operators face each year due to pest birds. My research is examining whether falcons living in the vineyard landscape display behavioural changes as a result of their new habitat, and whether behavioural changes occur in the pest birds as a result of having predators (falcons) introduced to the vineyards. In answering these two questions, I am also studying the ecology of falcons in both natural and vineyard habitats. Born and raised in New York City, I have studied at Cornell University and the University of St Andrews.

University of Canterbury, School of Biological Sciences
Private Bag 4800  
Christchurch,    New Zealand
Email: SaraMaekross@gmail.com

   Research Interests

Interactions between agriculture, urban landscapes, and conservation.
Predator-prey interactions.
General behaviour and ecology.
Remote videography and wildlife tracking methods.

I've posted a few of the videos from my first season of field work on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzOlmX2GmP8. I have thousands of hours of video from 5 nests, but have only managed a few videos uploaded so far; I will eventually add more. The videos are all added under my account name (saramaekross)

Species of Interest: 
New Zealand Falcon


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