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Gary Santolo

Gary Santolo


Since 1988 I have been a biologist for CH2M HILL in Sacramento, where I work as a wildlife biologist and toxicologist collecting biological samples for contaminant studies and Ecological Risk Assessments. I also prepare biological assessments for endangered species and develop mitigation plans for Section 7 and 10(a) under the Endangered Species Act. I specializes in bird and mammal trapping, biological monitoring, and endangered species surveys. My research has focused on the effects of selenium to wildlife, especially reproductive effects, and I have designed and implemented several field and laboratory studies of reproductive effects of selenium on American kestrels.

2485 Natomas Park Drive  Suite 600
Sacramento,  CA  95833  United States
Phone: 916-286-0283 Fax: 916-614-3483
Email: gsantolo@ch2m.com

   Research Interests

Contaminant effects on birds
Selenium effects on birds

Species of Interest: 
  • American Kestrel
  • Barn Owl
  • Loggerhead Shrike


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Fry, D.M., G. Santolo, and C.R. Grau. 1986. Effects of 1080 poison on Turkey Vultures. Report to California Department of Fish and Game, Sacramento, CA. 42 pp.

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