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Accipiter cirrocephalus

Additional details on Conservation:

Australia: This species has undergone local declines in extensively cleared areas, particularly in southwestern Australia where there are few exotic passerines (Debus 1998). This species was regarded as common in southwestern Australia before 1937 (Orton and Sandland 1913), but has declined in abundance (Masters and Milhinch 1974), probably because of the decline of small native bird populations as the result of the clearing of native vegetation (Saunders and Ingram 1995).
Eggshell thickness of this species was reduced during the period of DDT use in Australia, probably leading to population declines (Debus op cit.). It is possibly negatively affected in southeastern Australia by the population explosion of Pied Currawong (Strepera graculina), a predator and competitor capable of injuring adults and killing nestlings (Debus op cit.).

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