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Accipiter meyerianus

Additional details on Distribution:

Wallacea: Very sparsely distributed resident on the Moluccas (Halmahera, Obi, Boano, Seram, Seram Laut Islands (Maar) (Coates and Bishop 1997).

Solomon Islands: Scarce throughout its range, occurring as a rare breeding species on Kolombangara and Guadalcanal (Doughty et al. 1999, Coates 2001). There is one unconfirmed sighting of this species on Buka, an island just north of Bougainville (Hadden 2004). Steadman (2006) listed it for Guadalcanal and New Georgia Islands and indicated that its presence on Buka still awaits confirmation. Cain et al. (1956) reported it from Guadalcanal, but noted that it was very rare there.

Bismarck Archipelago: Occurs on Umboi, New Britain, and Watom Island (Coates 1985), and on Umboi, New Britain, New Ireland, and possibly Long and Watom Islands, according to Steadman (2006). Diamond (1976) reported that a pair of these hawks frequented the tree-tops near his camp in forest at 500 m on Mt. Birik, Umboi.

New Guinea: Rand and Gilliard (1967) stated that it was known only from two localities (Japen Island and Kratke Mountains), but Coates (1985) described it as widely distributed, but rare, in hill and lower mountain forest of mainland New Guinea, Japen Island (Geelvink Bay), and Karkar and Bagabag Islands. He listed the following Papua New Guinea localities where there were recent sightings of this species: OK Tedi area, Western Province; Schrader Mountains, Madang Province; Baiyer River, Western Highlands Province; Aiyura, Eastern Highlands Province; Mt. Misim, Kuper Range, Morobe Province; and upper Angabunga River, Veimauri River, and Efogi, Central Province. Diamond and Lecroy (1979) rpeorted it from Karkar Crater on Karkar Island and also on Bagabag Island; a male was collected on Karkar.
Beehler et al. (1986) stated that there are specimen records from Karkar, Bagabag, and Yapen Islands, Kratke Range (Eastern Highlands), and Wau in the southeast. They listed sight records from the Foya Mountains in the northwest, the hills of the southeast, and in the Central Highlands to at least 1,600 m.
Rare, occurring in foothills to 1,600 m, rarely to 2,700 m (Coates and Peckover 2001).
Beehler (1978) noted that there was only one specimen from the Wau region, an immature taken at 1,000 m from Mt. Missim, Morobe Province, but he mentioned that there were several sight records from that area.

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