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Slaty-backed Sparrowhawk
Accipiter luteoschistaceus

Status: Vulnerable

Population Trend: Declining.

Other Names: Bismarck Slate-mantled Goshawk, Blue-and-gray Sparrowhawk, Blue-and-gray Goshawk, Slaty-backed Goshawk, Slaty-mantled Goshawk, Slaty-mantled Sparrowhawk.

Accipiter luteoschistaceus
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Distribution: Australasian. Endemic to the BISMARCK ARCHIPELAGO (New Britain(?) and Umboi Islands). more....

Subspecies: Monotypic.

Taxonomy: Mayr (1957) stated that this species "seems equally far removed" from A. albogularis and A. imitator. Wattel (1973) regarded this species as an isolated derivative of the "stock" to which A. melanochlamys belongs.

Movements: Non-migratory, but juveniles disperse from breeding areas (Bildstein 2006).

Habitat and Habits: Frequents open forest, forest edges, and partly cleared areas in the lowlands and hills from sea level to at least 700 m (Coates 1985). Gilliard and LeCroy (1967) collected two specimens in tall, open forest. One was on the ground, and the other was on a perch 25 ft (7.6 m) high. Diamond (1976) reported that on Umboi, this species is the forest accipiter, whereas novahollandiae (hiogaster) is the accipiter at forest edges and in open habitats. He stated that both species occur up to at least 700 m on Mt. Birik and Mt. Barit on Umboi.

Food and Feeding Behavior: Gilliard and Lecroy (1967) reported that a subadult male collected in the Whiteman Mountains of New Britain had a 6-inch (15.2 cm) lizard in its stomach. The weak feet of this species may indicate that it does not prey mainly on birds (Ferguson-Lees and Christie (2001).

Breeding: No information.

Conservation: Uncommon and little known (Coates 1985). Classified as Vulnerable by BirdLife International because it is known from only about 11 specimens and a handful of recent sight records. However, it is said to be unobtrusive and is probably overlooked, so it may be premature to categorize it prior to an actual survey.

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