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Red-breasted Goshawk
Accipiter toussenelii

Status: Data Deficient

Population Trend: Unknown.

Other Names: Red-chested Goshawk, West African Goshawk.

Accipiter toussenelii
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Distribution: Afrotropical. SENEGAMBIA through CAMEROON to GABON and ZAIRE and northern ANGOLA (Cabinda); BIOKO ISLAND. more....

Subspecies: 4 races. A. t. canescens: ZAIRE (Upper Zaire River Basin); A. t. lopezi: BIOKO IS.; A. t. macroscelides: SENEGAMBIA to western CAMEROON; A. t. toussenelii: Southern CAMEROON to CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, GABON, and northern ANGOLA in Lower Zaire River Basin. more....

Taxonomy: This form and its component races have been lumped with A. tachiro by many authors, including Stresemann and Amadon (1979), Amadon and Bull (1988), Borrow and Demey (2001), and Ferguson-Lees and Christie (2001). However, Kemp and Crowe (1994) found morphological differences between the two groups, and there is possibly a zone of overlap in the Democratic Republic of Congo (a view disputed by Louette 2002). Based on several lines of evidence, Clark and Davies (2000) favored treating the two groups as separate species, and their view is followed here, pending molecular studies.

Movements: Non-migratory (Bildstein and Zalles 2005).

Habitat and Habits: Generally a forest species, occurring in both primary and secondary habitats. Found in mangroves in Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire, where it also occurs in all types of forests and even in adjoining plantations and well wooded savannas (Thiollay 1985, Gatter 1997). Unobtrusive, usually staying in dense cover, except when soaring and calling over territory (Borrow and Demey 2001).more....

Food and Feeding Behavior: This species has a less specialized diet than many other accipiter, and feeds on small mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects, usually capturing prey after dashes from a concealed perch in the forest.more....

Breeding: Aerial displays were observed in Liberia from November-March (Gatter 1997). Eggs and young were recorded at Akropong, Akwapim, Ghana from December to late February (C.M. Morrison in Grimes 1987).

Conservation: Common and widespread within its range in western Africa. As a part of A. tachiro, it is considered a a species of "Least Concern" by BirdLife International.

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