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Simeulue Serpent Eagle
Spilornis abbotti

Status: Data Deficient

Population Trend: Unknown.

Other Names: Simalur Serpent-eagle, Simeulue Serpent-eagle.

Spilornis abbotti
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Distribution: Indomalayan. Endemic to Simeulué Island, SUMATRA.

Subspecies: Monotypic.

Taxonomy: This form has been regarded as a subspecies of the widespread Crested Serpent Eagle (S. cheela, by most authors (Stresemann and Amadon 1979, Amadon and Bull 1989, Sibley and Monroe 1990, del Hoyo et al. 1994), but Ferguson-Lees and Christie (2001) treated it as a full species. They are followed here, pending a molecular genetics study of the entire genus Spilornis, because the different insular populations formerly assigned to S. cheela may have distinct, pressing conservation problems that might be overlooked if they are treated as subspecies. more....

Movements: Probably sedentary.

Habitat and Habits: Forested areas, most of which are below 250 m (Ferguson-Lees and Christie 2001).

Food and Feeding Behavior: No information.

Breeding: No information.

Conservation: Probably threatened by loss of habitat, as the island where it is endemic is only 1,844 km² in extent (Ferguson-Lees and Christie 2001). This species is not classified by BirdLife International, who regard it as a subspecies of S. cheela.

Population Estimates: Ferguson-Lees and Christie (2001) estimated the global population (defined as the number of adults and immatures at the start of the breeding season) at probably in the hundreds of individuals, but there are no actual population data available.

Important References: 
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