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More than half of the world’s raptor species have declining populations and nearly 20% are threatened with extinction. The need to monitor raptors and understand the threats they face is therefore as pressing now as ever. The Global Raptor Impact Network (GRIN) was created by expanding the African Raptor DataBank globally and combining it with The Peregrine Fund’s Global Raptor Information Network—all in an effort to monitor and conserve the world’s raptors. GRIN gives raptor researchers tools to more efficiently conduct their own studies while contributing to a global program. 

The database of raptor sightings held by GRIN already exceeds 200,000 entries, thanks largely to help from raptor researchers, bird-watchers, and bird atlassing projects. It is designed to use all different types of raptor observations, from road counts, foot transects, and static count data through to satellite tracks, mortality incidents, and museum data. GRIN's database is coordinated through The Peregrine Fund and managed by Habitat Info.

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Available for Android and iOS devices, the GRIN app is a free tool that allows professional and citizen scientists to collect raptor data on their mobile device. Observations including sightings, nest productivity, mortality, resightings, museum specimens, etc. can be collected using the GRIN app.



The speed and scale of the threats facing raptors require a global monitoring effort that can keep pace with a rapidly changing world. 



Your records will help us keep a finger on the pulse of the world’s raptor populations while also identifying threats to raptors and the conservation actions needed.

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GRIN relies on partners around the globe who pool their data in a collaborative effort to monitor the world's raptors. Click here to view and visit some of our funders and partners.

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