GRIN Raptor Researcher Database



GRIN is committed to facilitating collaboration between raptor researchers. Raptor researchers who agree to share information on their research are searchable here to aid researchers in finding potential collaborators.

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Last name Sort descending First name Email Association
Academia Michael Center for Conservation Biology and William & Mary
Ackers Steven Oregon State University
Adekola Oluwadunsin FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology
Agostini Nicolantonio Mediterranean Raptor Migration Network (MEDRAPTORS)
Aguilera Andrea The Peregrine Fund, Cecon
Aidek Ahmad Personal database
Airola Daniel Conservation Research and Planning
Akil Mohd Universiti Sains Malaysia
Akpanta Ishong APLORI
Alarcon Alejandro Neotropical Primate Conservation Peru
Albertyn Anja Holland & Associates Environmental Consultants
Allan David Durban Natural Science Museum
Alvarado Sergio University of Chile
Alvarado Sergio Universidad de Chile
Amar Arjun FitzPatrick Institute
Amezian Mohamed GREPOM/BirdLife Morocco
Angelov Ivaylo Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds / BirdLife Bulgaria
Angulo Fernando CORBIDI
Aradis Arianna Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research - ISPRA
Ararat Korsh Nature Iraq